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Pursuit of Portraits

Measuring Impact, Not Likes.
Pursuit of Portraits is a meeting place and online platform to connect portrait photography enthusiasts globally.

Founded by New York City based photographer and art director Saunak Shah, PoP brings creatives of all skills levels and backgrounds together both online and in real life.

Their projects and regular meet ups facilitate collaboration, foster supportive relationships and provide a much-needed sense of community for creatives who don't often get a chance to meet and share ideas in person.

With their focus on bridging the gap between online and in-person connections and providing a platform and visibility for emerging artists, they see the world very much like we do which is why we were so pleased to partner with the PoP team to host an event in New York's Central Park and to have this brilliant creative collective as part of our Vero family.

From their amazing project The Global Pursuit - which documents a journey across 5 continents and through 21 countries - to the way they connect their members to opportunity, Pursuit of Portraits stands for cultural diversity, inclusivity in the marketplace, supporting people of color, gender equality and empowerment. Follow them to discover amazing work from creatives from all over the world and to learn more about their projects and how to get involved.


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