Charismatic Thinker

MAY 4, 2018

Charismatic Thinker

Max Joseph releases his latest installment of Charismatic Thinker on the up-and-coming social network.

Filmmaker Max Joseph of MTV’s “Catfish” continues to bring a unique blend of creative thought to Vero as he releases the third installment of his Charismatic Thinker series on the social network app. Vero is a subscription-based, ad-free social network. They’ve been the most-downloaded app in the app stores, reaching number 1 in 18 countries around the world.

When asked what Joseph likes about this new social network platform, he said, “Different platforms become outlets for different forms of expressions. There are certain types of content that are better suited for one platform over another. I enjoy releasing these videos on Vero because the community is very geared toward culture, openness and curiosity. There are a lot of artists on Vero constantly sharing their work, which makes for a warm environment to express yourself in.”

Max Joseph’s first installment, Dicks asks whether you need to be a ‘dick’ (or an asshole, tyrant or Machiavellian douche) in order to be a great leader – or in Max’s case, a great film director. In his second installment, LA Observation #158, Max explores the mythology of LA’s most famous landmarks: its signs. His third installment, Bookstores, is a multi-part series that sees Max interview experts, educators, and speed-reading gurus to acquire as many book-related life hacks as he can.

“Bookstores drive me crazy. They turn me on, they intoxicate me, they seduce me with their covers, tease me with their spines, call me to adventure... but they also FREAK ME OUT!”

Max Joseph is scheduled to release his third episode on May 1st. He will be posting regularly to his Vero profile where fans can discover a universe of material on the ideas in the series, its contributors and some amazing bookstores around the world. His personal reading recommendations and bookstore visits will be automatically saved to his followers’ ‘Collections’.


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