Charli XCX

NOVEMBER 6, 2016

Charli XCX drops behind the scenes for after the Afterparty (ft. Lil Yachty)

Pop phenomenon Charli XCX has selected next-generation social platform Vero to share an exclusive behind the scenes look at the gruesomely fun official video for her hotly anticipated new single “After the Afterparty (feat. Lil Yachty)”.

T he access all areas film - captured by acclaimed US multimedia artist Kimi Selfridge (who has shot the likes of A$AP Rocky and Zoe Kravitz) - takes Charli’s ‘Angels’ (her name for her closest fans) backstage on the Halloween-themed, Zombie-laden shoot. From set design and backstage rehearsals to fashion styling from Lisa Katnic, Charli’s unique creative vision is brought to life exclusively on Vero.

Speaking about the film, Charli said: “It’s an insight into my world and what goes on a video shoot. We wanted pink on pink on pink on pink, with a touch of red. I'm really into bikini tops and mini skirts at the moment, that's kinda my vibe! We just wanted this sexy flirty sporty vibe throughout the video.”

Speaking about the partnership with Vero, Charli said: “Fans keep artists alive so it’s really important to connect with the people who support you. This is why I was drawn to Vero because it's so easy to speak directly with my ‘Angels’ and share an exclusive and personal look into my life.”

A new, ad-free, privacy and recommendation-led social experience, Vero’s user-friendly interface enables people to share six different types of posts (photos / video, music, movies, links, books and places) and control whom they share it with (Close Friends, Friends, Acquaintances and Followers).

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