Greg Williams PhotoBreakDowns

MAY 9, 2019

Learn From The Best

Photographer Greg Williams is celebrated for his blend of reportage and cinematic composition which often reveals another side to some of the world’s most photographed people.

Unlike many of his peers working in the entertainment industry, Greg doesn't use effects, lighting setups or big crews - it's often just him and a subject in ambient light. "It's not dissimilar to anyone photographing friends and family with a phone," Greg says of his approach.

“I look at so many photos people post and often think ‘that's so nearly a great photo, if only they had…”

Passionate about helping more people take better pictures, Greg has partnered with Vero to create a series of films in which he analyzes some of his most famous portraits, tells the story behind them and explains how everyone can take better photos using the 3 principles of light (exposure), composition and capturing the moment.

The series - which features a galaxy of stars including of John Boyega, Johnny Depp, Natalie Portman, Anthony Joshua, Dakota Johnson, Thom Yorke, Joaquin Phoenix, Cate Blanchett and Ai Weiwei - is available to watch now, only on Vero.




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