“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”


White Cross

People naturally seek connection.


That’s why online social networks have been so widely adopted over the past ten years.
They offered the promise of constant connection and the means to keep in touch with friends and to share what’s happening in our lives.

But as time passed, an imbalance began to form between the interests of the platforms and the best interests of their users.
And a false sense of connection left us lonelier than ever.
So we decided to create something more authentic.
We created a social network that lets you be yourself. Hence the name Vero. Meaning truth.

We made our business model subscription-based so we could be free of ads, making our users our customers.

It means we can offer a clean, simple social experience you can trust because our incentives are aligned with yours.

We don’t mine your data, nor sell access to you, and because you control who sees what you post on Vero, you can behave in a way that is more natural, which we believe ends up being better for you.


The greatest social network is the one that already exists between people.
Vero’s mission is to make it available online.
We’re building a truly social social network. We hope you’ll join us.

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