Community Guidelines

Vero is a place where people from all over the world can come together to connect, create and share their passions. We want Vero to be somewhere everyone feels welcome and safe. We ask all Vero users to adhere to a few simple rules. Users found to be acting outside of our guidelines risk having their account suspended or deleted.

White Cross

Please do not impersonate individuals, groups, or organizations. If you wish to run a fan, commentary, parody or newsfeed account on Vero we ask that you take steps to avoid misleading or confusing other users by making it clear (in your Vero account name and/or bio) that your account is unofficial.

No bots, no spam

Vero is for people, not bots. Please do not use Vero’s services for the purpose of spamming anyone.

Posting personal information

Please do not post any personal information belonging to other users or third parties unless you have express permission from them.

Abusive content

Any content found to be encouraging violence, self-harm, hatred, or cruelty towards people or animals will be removed.

Other people's content

Please do not post content to which you don't own the rights (unless you have the written permission of the copyright owner).

If you see content you think is inappropriate

We rely on our users to alert us to potentially inappropriate content. To report a post you see in your feed, just tap the ‘…’ in the bottom right hand corner and select “Report as Inappropriate” and we will investigate.

Hate and hate speech

Hate and hate speech have no home on Vero. We don’t tolerate it, and if we learn that any user is posting messages containing hate or hate speech, we will immediately remove them and shut down their accounts. We continuously monitor for this and have already removed accounts we’ve found. At Vero, the social network designed to build authentic connections with others, we believe in tolerance, diversity in all ways and free speech, but we draw a bright line when it comes to misusing our platform for hate.